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Dr. Thais Speaks is the Doctor of Common Sense, giving advice on life and business through her podcast, "The Common Sense Say Show." Dr, Thais fuses Motivation, Education, Inspiration and Humor together to provide the perfect combination to distribute information.
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~Keith G., iPhone Listener

Information that makes you laugh and makes you better. The Common Sense Say Show is a jewel. Dr. Thais has a soothing voice that should be heard all over the world, FM radio, TV, etc. Love love love it!!!!

~AJ Thompson, Google Play Music Listener

It’s very funny and you give great points on the subjects. I have set my Google Play notification to let me know when you post new shows (it will be my 15 min break between homework and studying). Please keep it up. You’re doing a great job!!! Love You!!!


~Mindy S., iPhone Listener

I really enjoy listening to this Podcast.Β  Her sense of humor is wonderful, and her timing is impeccable.Β  These are a breath of fresh air to the Podcasting world.Β  I look forward to many more episodes.

~TaLandria, Google Play Music Listener

This show is amazing! One listen and you’re hooked!


~Johnazia, iTunes Listener

Absolutely AMAZING!! Funny, real, and you’ll definitely learn something from this woman!! Attention grabbing, very relatable and understandable!! I enjoy how the podcast is done without effort!! She’s just being herself, but it’s so funny, cool, and keeps a smile on your face!! Please keep them coming :-)

~Kaneisha, iTunes Listener

Great show!!! And truly is about common sense! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. Great topics and great humor.


~Jackie B., iPhone Listener


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